How we designed a revolutionary dog nail grinder

J. Rutherford, 2019-08-20

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Nail trimming is a necessary procedure for a dog’s health and well-being, nevertheless, many pet owners ignore it because they’re afraid of hurting their pooch and don’t want to spend money on frequent visits to the groomer. We, as vets and dog lovers, decided to join efforts to create a revolutionary tool to ease shortening their nails.

LuckyTail is beginning to take shape after months of tireless research into the best practices and devices for dog nail trimming. We’ve tested many tools, evaluated the best ones, and studied our pooch’s behavior to create the most pet-friendly device available on the market: LuckyTail nail grinder.

Our solution will not only bring together all the best features of existing grinders, but will also have its own unique and innovative qualities that will revolutionize dog nail trimming at home. We’re sure about the grinder’s potential and efficiency, as LuckyTail is becoming the ultimate result of a meticulous 3-step analysis:

1. Study the nail anatomy

As we are creating a pet-friendly nail trimming solution, we must first understand the structure of a claw. What is it made of? How sensitive can a nail be? Does the structure of a claw change from breed to breed? What is the ideal nail size? What are the dangers of an overgrown nail?

We strived to find answers to all these questions. In addition, we also searched for other particularities in a dog that can influence the nail grinding experience, like the sensitivity to sound, touch, and vibration.

2. Buy and analyze the top 5 nail grinders

After reading many reviews on websites specialized in pets, we opted to analyze Dremel, Andis, Casfuy, Furminator, and Conair Pro.

We thoroughly checked their key features side-by-side, such as engine power, replaceable heads, protective cover, drill bit material, operating and charging times.

In addition, we also tested their flexibility and comfort to use, taking into account their weight, size, design, battery type, and power modes; as well as pet-friendly qualities, such as low sound and vibration.

We realized that none of these ‘top’ grinders has all the features to make the nail grinding process smooth and easy. Moreover, most of them are noisy and have a bit of vibration, which is uncomfortable for most dogs.

3. Give to veterinarians test and review sitter service set-09

Our main mission is to create a revolutionary nail grinder, approved and used by vets and pet owners. But first, we want them to test and evaluate the ones that already exist, making notes on the pros and cons, so we can work to fill in all the gaps left by other grinders.

Three vets received the five grinders we analyzed in the first step. They used the devices for two weeks on different dogs, and at the end of the testing period, they provided us with a full report with the pros and cons of each grinder.

The main problem pointed out by the professionals is that most grinders disregard nail specifics of different sizes and breeds of dogs. In addition, they can be very noisy for some frightened and sensitive pooches, also having a strong vibration that makes them uncomfortable.

How we envision LuckyTail

LuckyTail drawings

From the 3-step analysis, we started thinking about what we want LuckyTail to be. The main pillars that are guiding the manufacture of our product are: safety, comfort, and flexibility.

The next step was to carefully study how to combine these three characteristics into one product. We’ve teamed up with product engineers to develop the prototype, which so far, is the quietest and most powerful nail grinder.

The prototype was sent to the same vets who reviewed the other five ones. We asked them to test and evaluate the product for two weeks. The feedback provided showed us that we are absolutely on the right path.

Those are the main features LuckyTail is going to have:

LuckyTail will combine all the main attributes of nail grinders to provide the best experience for dogs. We are successfully managing to put together safety in operation, flexibility of movements, and comfort to all pets (taking into account all breeds and their sensitivities).

Our product will be the most professional and easy-to-use nail grinder, being suitable for groomers, vets and pet owners. We’re confident that LuckyTail will be the ultimate solution for dog nail care, helping families around the world to take better care of their furry friends.

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