5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Dog’s Nail Clipper With a Grinder

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Taking proper care of your dogs claws - essential for great overall health

Do you struggle to trim your dog’s nails? Many dog parents report difficulty keeping their pets calm while trimming their nails. A simple grooming routine can become very painful and stressful for your pup if you use the wrong device. That’s probably why you’re experiencing resistance from your dog during nail trimming. 


If you’re using a nail clipper, you should strongly consider switching to a nail grinder. It’s the best and safest solution for your pet. Check out 5 reasons to abandon your clippers.

1 - Clippers can cut into the quick

Do you know that your dog’s nails have an innervated core rich in blood vessels? That’s ‘quick’. If you cut through it, it will make your pooch bleed, causing him lots of pain, and may even result in infection.  


Clippers exponentially increase the chances of hurting your dog, because you might not see the quick and clip it off at once. On the other hand, nail grinders allow you to gently sand the nail in quick bursts, giving you enough time to stop before hitting the quick.

Be careful to avoid the quick - this way you ensure a pleasant experience for your pooch

2 - Clippers can cause nail breakage

After a certain period of use, the clipper blades wear out. Although uncommon, it can happen that the old blades cause your dog’s nails to split or crack. Also, using clippers on thick nails can, as well, injure your pooch by splitting the claw.

Clippers are harder to use

3 - Clippers can cause pinching

Another big disadvantage of dog nail clippers is that they can squeeze and pinch the quick, even if you don’t cut into it, which is extremely painful for our furry friends.


Grinders, in contrast, don’t pressure or squeeze the nails, making your dog feel comfortable and secure throughout.

4 - Grinders work on all types of nails

Have you ever tried to clip dark nails? It’s like cutting through metal with a plastic knife. In other words, the nails are too thick to be clipped out, and if you insist, your pet is more likely to be seriously injured, resulting in overcut claws or even a torn nail. 


A nail grinder is a pet-friendly solution as it shortens the nails from top to bottom in small sessions, allowing you to see where you’re grinding and control the entire process.

Works on all dogs!

5 - Grinders shape and smooth nails

Clipping your dog’s nails in one shot is not very effective. Not only can it hurt your pet, but also leaves sharp edges, which is an uncomfortable shape for your pet and you, since you’ll start to notice more scratches on your floor and furniture.


By using a nail grinder, you’ll be able to give a round shape to the nails, and also deliver a smooth finish. Your pooch will feel very comfortable with his new pawdicure.

LuckyTail Innovative and Safe Dog Nail Grinder for any type of dog.

The best nail grinder

Once you understand the benefits of having a nail grinder instead of a clipper, let’s jump to the best features you should look for in a grinder:

Premium grinders will offer you and your pet a great experience, so also consider a device that comes with LED lights to better see the quick, that is cordless and USB rechargeable, giving you the flexibility to use it anywhere.


The best nail grinder available on the market is LuckyTail. This powerful device is strongly recommended by vets as the most pet-friendly grooming tool. LuckyTail has all the key features of a premium grinder, combined with a unique ergonomic design that makes you and your pup more comfortable to use.

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