A Guide For Puppy Paw Care – Preparing For Slippery Floors

How to trimm your puppy's nails

Do you have a new puppy in the house? If so, it’s important to prepare him to walk comfortably on his new floor. Hardwood, tiles, laminate, vinyl, or polished cement are very common in-house flooring, however, they can be very slippery for dogs and may result in accidents with serious consequences for your dog.


Puppies can be very clumsy when they walk, stumbling, sliding, and falling around. At first sight, we may find it adorable how they try to get a grip on the floor, but in fact, he may be really struggling to walk on the slippery surface. If you don’t take some action, your pooch may even tear ligaments or pull his muscles, not to mention injuring himself by hitting an object left on the floor.


Fortunately, rather than changing the entire flooring, you can equip your pup’s paws with some easy procedures to gain more friction against the floor. Your dog will walk, run, sleep, and play on this floor every day, so it’s important to offer a good grip, so that he can gain more confidence to walk there.

The first thing is to make sure that there are no small objects on the floor. This includes toys, shoes, food, and other items that your dog may stumble on. After clearing up the space for your puppy, consider adopting a paw care routine.

Nail care

Trimming your pet’s nails regularly is more important than you imagine. It preserves the floor from scratches and helps your pet to get a grip on the ground. Overgrown nails cause increased force onto the dog’s nail bed instead of the paw pad – as it should be -. In addition, the claws can press on his paw, which not only hurts your puppy, but also reduces the contact force between the paw and the surface.

Nail trimming is a necessary process for every pet’s health, it gives comfort to walk and helps to gain enough friction to walk around without slipping. Consider trimming your pet’s nails regularly from an early age so he can get used to it. Pawdicure sessions should take place whenever you notice his nails are about to touch the floor.

A nail grinder is ideal to trim without stress and without hurting your dog. For puppies, choose one that offers interchangeable heads, so you can start with super-soft grinding heads and then switch for normal or extra-hard heads as the pooch grows. Lucky Tail nail grinder offers the three heads that go along with your dog in his whole life.

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Moisture the paw pad

Dry and cracked paw skin decreases the adhesion to the surface, leaving your pup prone to slip on the floor. With a few daily simple steps, you can protect his skin from dryness, scarring and allergies, while also helping him to get a better grip on the floor. Make sure to always check your dog’s feet; if it’s getting dry, use a healing paw soother balm to nourish his paw. After a few days of use, you’ll notice a big difference in the way he runs towards you. 

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