After-Summer paw care

Taking proper care of your dogs claws - essential for great overall health

As the seasons’ go by, the pet’s response to weather changes as well. Paws are the main part of our dogs that feel the variations in temperature, since they’re always the first to touch and feel the arrival of the new season. Four-footed friends need special attention during the Summer and transition to Autumn, where the intense heat starts to make room for cooler degrees.


During summertime, paw care is needed for your dog to enjoy the warm surface without injuring his feet. You should always check the pavement exposed to sunlight, if it’s too hot for you, it’s also for your pup. To prevent burning, you may prefer to walk with him only when it’s cooler.


The change in temperature from Summer to Autumn is also reflected in your dog’s feet. He can develop some allergies and irritations due to contact with leaves, grass, and weeds, despite having some small grits lodged in his paws. 


To protect your furry friend as the seasons change, consider adopting a regular paw care routine:

Check paws regularly

It’s recommended to do foot checks after spending time outside with your dog. Gently press his paw pad to spread the toes apart and check for any injuries or stuck objects. It’s also important to pay attention to the aspect, texture, and color of the paw. If your pet is licking his feet excessively, check for any allergies and irritations.

It is important to check your pet's paws regularly


After a long walk outdoors, your pooch’s feet will get dirty and some debris can even end up stuck in his paws. Cleaning with the Paw Plunger will remove all the filth, ensure clean paws and also facilitate the detection of irregularities, like cuts and overgrown nails.


The Paw Plunger is a washing cup with silicone bristles that comfortably removes dirt without damaging your pet’s skin.


Changes in weather make the paws prone to dry out and crack, causing discomfort and even bleeding. To prevent dryness and prepare your pet’s feet for all seasons, apply the Healing Paw Soother Balm regularly to nourish and protect the skin from dryness, scarring, and allergies. 


The Healing Paw Soother Balm creates a protective barrier on your pup’s paws and elbows, while still providing smooth, healthy feet. It’s ideal for regular use in extreme weather conditions.

Nail grinding

Your dog’s nails shouldn’t touch the floor when he walks. If you hear clickety-clicks every time your pooch walks, it’s definitely time for a pawdicure. Overgrown claws can press on your pup’s paw and hurt him. In addition, they reduce the contact between the feet and the surface, making it difficult for your pet to properly grip the ground. 

Use LuckyTail to safely grind your dog’s nails in short and quick bursts. The device is whisper-quiet, has ultralight vibration, two-speed options, a protective cover to prevent excessive cuts, and is also USB rechargeable, giving you the possibility to have professional grooming results at home.

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