Did you know that nail trimming is a very important part of any dog’s grooming routine? Long claws tend to bend and press down on the paw pad, making walking unpleasant. The nails can even tear or split, which causes a lot of pain and bleeding for your pooch, as they have an innervated core. Keeping the claws short makes walks more enjoyable, easier to grip the ground, and also prevents joint issues. 

“Nail trimming is a simple grooming routine that can improve your furry friend’s life. However, it can be a very painful and stressful experience for your dog if you use the wrong equipment. To ensure your good boy/girl has a painless and stress-free nail trimming routine, you should start using the safest, most pet-friendly device on the market.” says Jennifer Rutherford, co-founder of LuckyTail dog nail grinder.

Clippers vs. Grinders

When looking for a nail-trimming device, you’ll come across two main types of equipment: clippers and grinders. Both are easy-to-use solutions that quickly shorten a claw, but there is one big difference – the safety of your pet

Dog Nail Clippers

dog nail clippers vs dog nail grinder

Unlike human nail clippers, dog clippers are usually of the guillotine or scissors type. Both cut the claw in one shot, making the process very fast. The biggest disadvantage of clippers is the increased likelihood of injuring your pet by overcutting the nail. If you don’t know how far you can clip, you’ll probably end up cutting part of his blood vessels, which will cause your pooch bleeding and pain.

Dog nail clippers can also result in harmful side effects for your friend, such as loss of natural nail shape and sharp edges. Misshapening of the claw not only causes discomfort when your pet scratches themselves or walks, but it also creates marks on your floors and furniture! 

Dog Nail Grinders

This electronic device is often recommended by vets as a safer at-home alternative. It’s safer than clippers because you’re able to shorten the nail in quick bursts, allowing you to see where you’re grinding and when to stop before it hits the blood vessels. 

Dog nail grinders ensure a pet-friendly, stress-free experience since you can take full control of the operation, feel your dog’s reaction, and add short pauses if he feels uncomfortable. 

Grinding a claw normally takes a little longer than clipping it, but the results are worth it – round nails with no sharp edges. You can use a grinder to reduce the size of the claw, round, smooth, and polish it. Your dog will feel more comfortable walking and enjoying the day with well-shaped nails.

The Safest Choice for Your Pet

The best nail-trimming device depends on your pet’s size, breed, sensitivity, and courage. When in doubt, opt for a nail grinder as it’s the safest option and delivers better results. There are many grinder options on the market, so to ensure you are getting the best, safest choice for your dog consider the following features:

A nail grinder that encompasses all these qualities will ensure a positive experience for even the most frightened pets. For easy and professional grinding, consider a device that also includes LED lights to easily spot the vascularized nail core, is wireless and USB rechargeable so you can have the flexibility of movements and use.

LuckyTail nail grinder is the only device on the market that combines all these qualities and is considered, by many vets, the safest tool for dog nails. LuckyTail is whisper-quiet, making almost no sound that would stress pets. Plus, the ergonomic design and small shape make it very comfortable for both you and your pup, also allowing you to carry it easily in your bag.