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How LuckyTail Ensures Your Dog’s Safety During Nail Grinding

LuckyTail - very silent and powerful dog nail grinder

As devoted pet owners, we all want our pups to feel comfortable and safe. Taking care of their paws regularly is an important step for the well-being of our dogs, as long nails can cause discomfort and distress to walk. You can easily take over your pooch’s claw care routine at home, however, make sure to get the safest equipment as some devices can end up injuring your pet.


Among all brands and trimming devices, LuckyTail is approved by vets as the most pet-friendly for dog’s claws. This nail grinder is flexible to use anywhere and shortens nails in quick bursts, ensuring great visibility of the claw and giving you full control of the process.


This premium nail grinder is specially designed to protect all pets from overcutting, while ensuring a pleasant experience, since many dogs may be afraid of the sound or even have had a traumatic experience with other grooming tools.

LuckyTail - Built to protect your dog's nail nerves

Whisper-quiet & vibration free

The vast majority of clippers and grinders scare pets due to the clicking sound or the buzzing of the motor. With LuckyTail, you don’t have to worry as the nail grinder comes with innovative whisper-quiet technology, resulting in the quietest grinding motor on the market. 


In addition, LuckyTail also features ultralight vibration, which means more comfort for your pet, as the feeling of something shaking against their skin can be stressful. Your dog probably will not even notice you’re grinding his nails with LuckyTail.

LuckyTail - whisper-quiet & vibration-free

Protective cover

A common question among dog parents who venture to cut their dog’s nails at home is how much should be trimmed. If you cut too short, you’ll hurt your dog by hitting the ‘quick’ – innervated nail core -, so you must slowly diminish the size of the claw in order to stop before getting close to the quick.


LuckyTail comes with a protective cover that safeguards the quick from being overcut, and also doesn’t allow the fur to get caught by the spinner. You can start grinding your dog’s nails with the cover until you feel confident enough to be able to trim without it.

Protective cap

Two speed options

Dog nails can vary from breed to breed. There are thick, thin, light-colored, dark, delicate, and rough nails. You can adjust your LuckyTail’s speed to suit the claw’s specifications, providing more comfort for your pet and even speeding up the trimming process.

LuckyTail dog nail grinder

Soft and hard grinding head

As the speed can adapt according to the type of nail, so can the grinding bit. LuckyTail has changeable heads that you can switch for a better trimming experience. Hard grinding heads are recommended for large dogs with thick nails, while extra-soft ones are ideal for removing sharp edges and delivering a smooth finish.

Soft & hard grinding heads


LuckyTail is USB Rechargeable, providing flexibility of use, whether at home or outdoors. It’s ideal to use on your pet on any adventure you go on together. 


Additionally, the cordless device gives you freedom of movement, making it way easier and safer to use on your pet.

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