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Is LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder Safe For My Dog?

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Trimming your dog’s nails is a process that should be easy, painless and quick, as you would ideally repeat every week or two on your pooch. Ensuring that your puppy has a good experience is essential for his safety and comfort when walking. However, sometimes, even the most careful pet owners can hurt their best buddies when they’re not using a completely safe trimming device.


There’s no doubt that between nail grinders and nail clippers, a grinder is the safest choice for your pet. And among all the brand options available on the market, LuckyTail is the one that ensures your pet’s safety at most. Do you know what to look for in a nail grinder for your pet’s safety? In this article, we’ll highlight all the main features that make LuckyTail the best choice for your pet.

LuckyTail - Built to protect your dog's nail nerves

Whisper-quiet and ultralight vibrations

We all know that our dogs’ ears are sensitive to sound, so noisy nail grinders, with over 50 dB of noise, can be very uncomfortable and frightening for them. LuckyTail stands out for being whisper-quiet, emitting less than 30 dB of noise at low speed and less than 50 dB at high speed. Your dog probably won’t even hear the sound of the device when you’re grinding his nails.


Dogs also generally don’t like to feel the vibration against their skin. A must feature of a nail grinder is its vibration, the less the better for your dog. LuckyTail doesn’t have significant levels of buzz or vibration that your dog might feel.


This nail grinder can be considered the most pet-friendly, because it not only grinds your dog’s claws with safety, but also makes him feel comfortable throughout the process due to its quietness and ultralight vibration features.

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LuckyTail - innovative and safe for your dog nail grinder

Safety Cap

Nail grinders are already very safe for your pet, as you can see where you’re trimming and stop before it gets too close to the quick – the innervated part of the nail. To ensure your pet’s safety and give you more confidence to grind, LuckyTail comes with a safety cap that covers the drill bit. This protection safeguards your pooch’s nails from being overcut and doesn’t allow his hair to get caught by the rotating grinding bit.

LuckyTail - very silent and powerful dog nail grinder

Two-speed modes

It’s important to adjust the grinder speed according to your pet’s tolerance and nail thickness. LuckyTail has two speed modes, for you to adapt according to your dog’s size, breed, and nail type. It’s an important feature that makes this nail grinder ideal for all types of breeds, whether small or large dogs.

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Very powerful, two-speed mode

LED Lights

Does your dog have dark claws, making it difficult for you to get a clear view of the quick? We’ve got you. LuckyTail has LED lights that help you to see where you’re trimming and also provide a better view to spot the quick on light and dark-colored nails.


USB Rechargeable

There are many grinders that only work if plugged into a power outlet, which doesn’t give you much flexibility in positioning yourself, your pup and in trimming. One of LuckyTail’s perks is that it is USB Rechargeable,meaning you can grind from anywhere, in a comfortable position for both you and your dog, and also tilt the tool any way you prefer for an effective and fast trimming.


Your dog feels more comfortable with LuckyTail; and you more confident to use the device on your pet without any danger of hurting him.

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