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Why is LuckyTail Grinder Better Than Clippers?

LuckyTail - innovative and safe for your dog nail grinder

Does your dog panic when you try to trim his nails? If so, probably he had some previous trauma with nail clipping that made him afraid of letting you touch his paws. As responsive pet parents, we all know how trimming our pup’s claws is important for his well-being and comfort. But how to make him really enjoy nail trimming? Using the right equipment.


Usually, nail clippers are related to bad experiences in dogs. They work like a guillotine that cuts your pooch’s nails at once, without considering the structure of the claw, which also has a very delicate and innervated area, called “quick”, that can cause enormous pain for your pup if cut out.

Dog Nail Structure

Clippers provide fast results, but at what cost? Not only can they injure your pooch by hitting his quick, but also delivers imprecise results, as the nails lose shape and become sharp on the sides.

If you don’t know how far you can clip, you will probably end up hurting your dog.

Lucky Tail Nail Grinder

The best nail trimming for your pooch protects his claws by shortening his nails in stages, so you can constantly see which part you’re trimming and avoid reaching the quick – the reddish area in light dog nails, or the black core you see from the bottom of the claw in case of dark nails.


There’s no doubt that Lucky Tail Nail Grinders is the safest tool for your pet. It grinds his nails in quick and short bursts so you know where you’re trimming and can stop before it hurts your pet.


There are some specifics you should look for in a high-end nail grinder, that not only provides the best experience for your pet but also makes the process faster for you. Here are all the best features that make Lucky Tail the lifetime solution for your pet.

LuckyTail - innovative and safe for your dog nail grinder


LuckyTail - very silent and powerful dog nail grinder

Dogs are very sensitive to sound. Lucky Tail emits about 30db of noise, making it the quietest nail grinder available on the market.

It’s a great feature for traumatized and anxious dogs. The low sound ensures that even nervous dogs don’t feel stressed out by the buzz.

Minimal vibrations

One of the most important features! LuckyTail has almost zero vibrations, taking all the stress out of the process, since dogs often hate the feeling of something vibrating against their skin.

Almost vibration free - for most comfort

Cordless and rechargeable

You can bring your Lucky Tail with you on all adventures with your pooch. It’s easy and fast to charge, taking only 60 minutes with a USB wire. It also fits perfectly in small bags, so you can use it anywhere.

Easy to charge and grind wherever your dog feels most comfortably

LED lights

LED lights for more precision at any conditions

If you have a vision problem, having some lights will make all the difference for you to see the area you’re grinding. It’s a simple feature, but it shows that this equipment stands out among the rest.

Two speeds

Ideal for all breeds and thickness of nails. You can adjust the speed according to your pooch’s needs and tolerance.

Safety cap

Extra protection is always a good thing! LuckyTail grinder is equipped with a protective cover that has two openings for the grinding bit, one for small dogs and the other for big-sized ones. This cap ensures that the pet’s claw will not be over-trimmed.

Please check our Shop, as we have different types of grinding heads to meet your individual needs. 

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