Dog Paw Care: How to Prevent Torn Nails & Cracked Paws

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Taking proper care of your dogs claws during winter - isn't an easy job

Your pet’s paws need the same basic care that you do. If he is not properly protected, walking on hard surfaces can be extremely damaging to your pooch. His feet may become dry and cracked, while his nails may tear or split. A dog paw care routine is crucial to prevent injuries and make your pup feel comfortable when walking.

A pooch’s paws should always be moisturized to protect your pet when walking on hot, cold, and rough surfaces. In addition, the nails should be kept short giving more comfort to your pup to walk. If you want to prevent cracked feet and torn nails, learn how to master paw grooming and spend more time with your pet with our tips below.

Do regular paw checks


It’s important to check your four-legged friend’s paws for debris that can get lodged between his paw pads. Small rocks and other objects can get easily stuck at a dog’s feet, causing an increasing discomfort to walk, and injuring the paw pad. You can take the debris with tweezers if necessary, but in most cases, this is easily removed with just some cleaning.

An easy option to clear your pet’s paws is using a Paw Plunger. The silicon bristle reaches all the creases of the foot, ensuring that all the dirt is successfully removed with ease.

storefront paw plunger
Paw Plunger

Trim hair between paw pads

Your pet’s paw pads can get mats in their fur if the hair gets too long, that’s why you should brush out the mats regularly. Make sure to keep your pet’s paws shaved down to the same height as his paw pads, so the hair doesn’t rub against each other when walking or running on hard surfaces.

Keep nails trimmed

You can tell your dog is in need of a nail trim by the sound of his nails clicking or scratching the ground. If you hear the clickety-clack sound, then it’s time for a nail shortening. Dogs need to have their claws trimmed regularly so they do not curl up and damage the bottom of their paws, or even tear the nails and injure your pet.


If you don’t trim the nails of your puppy, they will grow and get on his way when walking. Long nails make it difficult to grab onto surfaces, and they could easily tear apart under the pressure from paws pushing against the claws while moving around. With short claws, it’s easier for him to grip the ground and walk without falling over or getting hurt. 

Regular nail trimmings are essential to prevent injury in the nails and paw pads. To better protect your pet, consider using LuckyTail nail grinder to shorten his nails once every two weeks. The nail grinder provides professional results with ease at home.

Moisturize the paws

Give your dog’s paws a spa day. It’s a great way to pamper and make your pet feel relaxed while you work on nourishing his paws. Massaging the paws using the Healing Paw Soother Balm can improve circulation, get rid of toxins, and intensely nourish the footpad.

Natural Dog Company Paw Soother - great helper during cold season

The paw balm creates a protective barrier against harmful objects and products on the streets, as well as safeguarding the skin from dryness, cracks, scars, and allergies. It’s a powerful balm to moisturize and nourish paws and elbows.

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