How To Choose The Best Car Seat Cover For Your Dog?

Our dogs are always great companions to go on a ride with us. They make the journey fun, but they can also leave the backseat full of fur, muddy paw prints and dirt. If you want to transport your best buddy safely and also keep your car clean, consider having a dog car seat cover to shield both humans and animals.

The thing is that our dogs don’t understand when they should be careful and quiet, so we must take extra care to ensure their safety and the cleanliness of our vehicle. A dog bench seat cover is the ideal solution, choosing a good one can save you from lots of expenses on car washing. Do you know what to look for in a seat cover? We’ve got you covered!

What to look for in a dog car seat cover?

First things first… Do you want to let some fluid and pesky pee odors penetrate your seat upholstery? I guess not, so it’s better to look for a waterproof or water-resistant cover. You should also search for non-slip material, strong seams, and at least four attachment points, which will protect your dog from slipping on the bench and also keep your cover in the same place.

Another important feature for the safety of passengers in the rear seat is the openings for seat belts, allowing people to sit along with their pet. A good car seat cover protects the entire backseat. A standard 55’’ wide cover works well on most cars, but trucks with extended width, SUVs, and wider cars, in general, may need a large cover, so be sure to compare dimensions before you buy!

Seat cover types

Dog Hammocks

You’ll never have to worry about your dog jumping in the front seat again. The hammock-style cover is perfect for keeping dogs within the designated space and protects them from any accident. Dog hammocks create an extra barrier between the headrests, preventing pets from climbing up into cars, falling into the footwell, and even providing them extra protection during sudden stops.


Your dog will be safer than before with a hammock-style seat cover, and your car cleaner and scratch-free from the bottom to the top. For better protection, consider a hammock with side flaps to protect the door upholstery, and a zipper down the middle to better split the space between dogs and other passengers.


Bench Seat Covers
This option is great and more comfortable for human passengers to share the backseat with dogs. Bench seat covers protect the bottom and back of the seat, leaving space in the footwell for humans to sit comfortably on the back with their pets. It’s an easy-to-install car cover with openings for seat belts to ensure maximum protection. If you opt for a bench seat cover, be sure to choose the right size to completely cover the bench area.


Cargo Covers
If you have a large car and prefer to transport your pet in the boot area, a cargo cover can meet all your needs. The cover lays flat in the storage area and provides a larger space for the pet to sit and lie down comfortably. A good cargo cover should have raised sides to shield the entire boot area and bumper guards that fold when your pet is jumping in or out of the vehicle.

Which one is the best?

The hammock-style is definitely the most pet-friendly, safe, and suitable for all types of vehicles. If you have a bustling dog, he’ll be able to see you, which can make him feel more confident, without being able to jump in the front seat. Moreover, he’s safeguarded from falling in the footwell, which not only double protects him, but also your car from any mess on the floor.


You can easily shield both your car and pet with Lucky Seat, a 100% waterproof dog seat cover with door protection, non-slip net, seat anchors, openings for seat belts, and pockets. Additionally, your dog receives a pet seat belt for added protection against sudden stops or accidents.

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