Why Your Dog Needs a Silent Nail Grinder

LuckyTail - very silent and powerful dog nail grinder

Do you know that dogs have very sensitive ears? They can hear nearly twice as many frequencies as humans, which makes some noises very distressing and scary to them – including the buzz of a few grooming tools. As for dog nail grinders, silence in operation is a must-have feature since it ensures a pet-friendly experience for pooches, so you’ll want to get the quietest one available. 


Most grinders have about 40 to 60 decibels (dB) range, which can be compared to the sound of falling rain. For anxious dogs, this level of noise is enough to make them never want to be near a nail grinder again. Choosing the quietest device can turn a potentially unpleasant experience into something joyful.

LuckyTail - Built to protect your dog's nail nerves

Why all grinders should be silent

Some research indicates that dogs feel emotions similar to humans, and may even develop psychological trauma when subjected to bad experiences, such as fear of grooming due to the loud noise of some grinders.


Using the wrong equipment can provoke strong reactions to your pooch, such as resisting to give you his paws, barking when hearing the grinder buzz, or even running away from the device. 


If you want to provide a comfortable experience to your pooch, consider using a very quiet nail grinder. It’s the best way to make him feel comfortable and happy during trimming, while also contributing to your pooch’s mental health.

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LuckyTail - innovative and safe for your dog nail grinder

LuckyTail - the quietest nail grinder

If you search on the market, you’ll find that 99% of nail grinders come with powerful motors or batteries, however, they make considerable noise to function properly. One, however, stands out for developing a motor with unique whisper-quiet technology: LuckyTail nail grinder.


LuckyTail is the only grooming tool that makes 30 dB in low speed and 50 dB in high speed. This nail grinder doesn’t have a significant level of buzzing that can be felt by pets, making it ideal for even the most sensitive and anxious pooches.


Due to the combination of comfortable sound, low vibration, and different speed options, the tool is recommended for puppies and dogs of all sizes. LuckyTail is considered the quietest nail grinder thanks to its innovative silent motor, that’s why it’s also the most approved for grooming.

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LuckyTail - Approved and used by professionals

Other pet-friendly features

LuckyTail’s unique motor also has minimal vibrations, which ensures a pleasant experience for your pooch, as dogs are generally not comfortable with something pulsing against their skin. 


Pups also benefit from the protective cover that safeguards their nails from being over-trimmed. In addition, they’re doubly protected with LuckyTail’s two-speed modes and flexibility of use due to its wireless design, providing adjustable features and freedom of movement.

Very powerful, two-speed mode

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