LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder Review by Small Dog Place

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Written by: Janice Jones from Small Dog Place

Oh, those little doggie nails—how fast they grow – how often they need clipping or grinding.

I recently received a LuckyTail Nail Grinder, and before I get into the review, I need to tell you that I have 15 dogs at the current time. I wish I could say that their nails get worn down naturally by walking on concrete, but the truth is that I end up spending plenty of time giving “pedicures.”

Many of my dogs don’t like to have their nails clipped. I have problems using a nail grinder with other dogs. It becomes a struggle.

Finding the perfect nail grinder is easier said than done. I do think, however, that the LuckyTail Nail Grinder is about as perfect as it gets when it comes to nail grinders.

Janice Jones

LuckyTail Nail Grinder Review

Five features stand out in my mind that makes this product unique and well worth checking.

1. It’s Quiet
Dogs seem to be stressed by loud noises near their body, such as the hum of a loud hair drier, noisy hair clippers, and yes, loud nail grinders.

This stress appears even before the dog even feels the drier’s heat or the vibrations of the hair clipper or nail grinder. So, even before you begin, your dog is already stressed.

The loudest the LuckyTail grinder will be is 50 db. Compare this to the average Dremel tool, which can be as loud as a drill. LuckyTail nail grinder is the quietest grinder I have ever encountered. Even young puppies do not seem upset by the noise. So, a product that quiet has my thumbs up. But there’s more.

2. Cordless and Rechargable
I find working with equipment that requires cords to be rather cumbersome. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, and cords get tangled, making it difficult to work.

Cordless is excellent, but many products rely on batteries to supply power. Using an endless supply of batteries is not environmentally friendly, in my opinion. Instead, the LuckyTail Nail Grinder comes with a USB cord that can be charged in an hour, and the charge lasts for up to four hours. That’s plenty of time to do an entire pack of dogs.

3. Ergonomic Design
The ergonomically comfortable design makes it very comfortable in your hands. Whether you hold it as if it were a knife or a pencil, you will find this to be a straightforward tool to use.

4. Two Speeds
If you have ever used a Dremel tool, you know how variable the speed controls are, making it difficult to adjust to the right speed to grind a dog nail.

Other pet grinders come in one speed. Sometimes one size doesn’t always fit all. I have adult dogs and puppies. I find the faster speed is perfect for mature nails, whereas I use the slower rate on puppies.

Puppies seem to need more time to get accustomed to the tool, where the adult dogs would prefer just to get the pedicure done as fast as possible.

5. Minimal Vibrations
There are no vibrations. What? No vibrations? As I mentioned above, dogs don’t like vibrations, and it is often these sensations that cause stress. This feature could very well be the most critical feature of the product.

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