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LuckyTail LED Light Dog Nail Clippers


These clippers feature a powerful built-in LED light to provide maximum control over the cutting process and help avoid over-cutting. The top-quality stainless steel blades help to cut quickly and smoothly, even through thick and hard nails.



SUPER-BRIGHT LED LIGHTS – Increases the visibility of the dog’s quick (the nerve that runs through the nail) for painless and effortless trims.

CONVENIENT NAIL TRAPPER – comes with a small integrated container around the blades to catch nail clippings for super easy cleanup.

INTEGRATED NAIL FILE – features a built-in nail file to remove any sharp edges after trimming and keeps the nails smooth and shiny.

48 HOURS OF LIGHT – comes with three LR44 1.5V that will make the LED light on the clippers last for over 48 hours or up to 550+ nail trimming sessions!

SAFETY GUARD – designed to prevent over-cutting and only apply gentle pressure on the nail for smooth and quick cuts.

NON-SLIP HANDLES – super comfortable grip on the unit makes it easy to hold and provides more freedom and control over the cutting process.

TOP-QUALITY BLADES – made of the highest quality stainless steel for optimal sharpness, durability, and long-lasting cutting performance.


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