Track Your Dog’s Activity And Location With A GPS Collar

Active dog is hard to track. Unless you have a special GPS collar

Do you want to know where your dog is at all times? Or how often and for how long he’s exercising? Technology can help! With a GPS collar, tracking your pooch’s location, health and fitness has never been easier. You can easily have a full report of your pet’s activities, health-related behaviors, and also know his location in real-time on your phone. If your pup is an escape expert, consider giving him a tracking collar.



According to the American Humane Association, about 10 million pets are lost in the United States every year. Tracking your pup’s whereabouts with a GPS collar can ensure his safe return and give you peace of mind while you’re not around. You’ll always be updated with his exact location, the direction of travel, and what your dog is doing, like running, walking or sitting.


The GPS collar is also a great tool to measure your pet’s health and fitness level. Some collars are even equipped with a behavioral system that generates reports on their daily activities. You’ll have information on your phone such as his movements, frequency of scratches, pulse, and heartbeats.

There are many tracking collars available on the market. Make sure to choose one that covers the longest distance and all your dog’s needs.

What features should I look for?

Most GPS collars use mobile apps for Android or iOS to report your pet’s activities. Pay attention to monthly service fees, as many apps require a paid subscription to provide all data about your dog. Look for the model with the lowest rates and the best tracking features.


Is your dog an escape master? If so, then you should look for the largest tracking coverage. It depends on the power of the technology. Some collars use Wi-Fi while others Bluetooth to connect the device on your pooch to the phone.

An interesting feature that dog owners should also consider is health and activity tracking. The more features, the more you can understand your pet’s needs. Some GPS collars offer a behavioral system that translates your pet’s movements and even helps you understand how healthy he is. These are valuable features for improving your dog’s lifespan.

Special dog GPS collar for activity tracking

Best GPS collar

With the right tracker, you’ll always know where your pup is and what he’s up to. Among all the GPS collars available on the market, Whistle GO Explore is the one that offers the widest tracking coverage and valuable features for your pooch’s health. You can buy this collar for a special offer at the Lucky Tail shop.


Whistle GO Explore stands out from other collars as it uses AT&T’s wireless network and Google Maps, providing extensive coverage and live location. The app notifies you whenever your dog leaves his designated space and you can easily track him. Moreover, the GPS collar also provides fitness and health reports, physical activity goals and health behavior, like scratching time. Finally, the collar comes with a built-in light to easily spot your dog at night.

There are many options for GPS collars on the market. Whether you’re opting for Whistle GO Explore or any other, just make sure to choose one with broad GPS coverage and activity tracking.

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