Why Is Paw Care Important For Your Dog's Health?

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Taking proper care of your dogs paws - essential for great overall health

Healthy paws are essential for your dog’s well-being. They are the first part of your pooch to contact any surface, whether it’s hot, cold, soft, or hard. The paw pad is responsible for absorbing shock, getting grip on the floor, and providing insulation to keep him warm. Not to mention that they are the essential tool for your pet’s health and happiness, allowing him to run and play with you.


To get the most out of his paws, you should include a care routine in both your and his daily agenda. A paw pad routine gives your pup comfort to walk and better withstand the different surfaces and temperatures he’s going to face in his day. Taking care of his feet is simple and only takes a few minutes out of your day. The paw care routine includes cleansing, moisturizing, and nail trimming.


There’s no doubt that after a day of walking around, your pup’s feet will be all dirty and some small grits may even end up lodged in his paws. By cleansing, you’ll be able to remove all the filth and also detect some irregularities, like cuts and overgrown nails.

You can easily clean your pooch’s paws with a Paw Plunger. It’s a washing cup with silicone bristles inside that removes all the dirt in a comfortable way for your pet without damaging your dog’s skin.

Paw Plunger - a great way to clean your dog's messy paws.


Paw pads tend to get dry quickly, leading to cracked skin and bleeding. You can help prevent this discomfort by applying a Healing Paw Soother Balm to his foot pads. It will nourish, protecting the skin against dryness, scarring, and allergies.

You can apply the balm daily to his feet and elbows, resulting in smooth, healthy skin. It’s ideal for protecting your dog against extreme weather conditions and healing wounds, allergies, and scars.

Nail Trimming

Overgrown claws are really uncomfortable for your pet, as when they’re long they bend and press into his paws, hurting him. A nail trimming can quickly solve this problem and provide him the comfort to walk. Use Lucky Tail Nail Grinder for safe, pet-friendly trimming. The device is whisper-quiet and vibration-free, ideal for even the most scared puppies.

You can grind his nails once every two weeks. When you notice your dog’s claws are almost touching the floor, it means he needs you to shorten them. Your pooch will love his new pawdicure and the comfort short nails bring to his life.

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