Winter Paw Care: 3 Care Tips to Ensure Your Dog’s Comfort During the Cold Season

Taking proper care of your dogs claws during winter - isn't an easy job

Goodbye fall, hello frigid winter! Dogs love playing in the snow but that also means they need extra care. Paws are particularly sensitive to low temperatures and can become dry, cracked, or chapped if exposed too often to harsh weather. During the winter season, you should be aware of any changes your dog may experience.

This post is for all owners who want their dogs to remain comfortable while still enjoying outdoor activities during these colder months. By following a few simple steps, you will help protect your pup’s paws during the winter.

How the cold weather can affect your pup?


Winter is a tough time for dogs. Extreme weather conditions can bring some hazards to your pup that you should watch out for. The rule of thumb is: if it’s too cold for your feet, it’s also for your pet’s paws. Despite the temperature, you should also be careful with:

  1. Salt to melt ice
  2. Toxic chemical agents in the streets
  3. Hidden objects in the snow
  4. Sharp ice

Salt and other deicers chemicals can be harmful to your pet, causing irritation and even burns. If ingested, it can cause mouth burns and some gastrointestinal problems. After a walk with your pet, he’ll likely lick his paws at home, which can contain stuck components, such as debris, ice, snow, salt, and other toxic agents.

To avoid any discomfort, make sure to always do paw checks as soon you are back home, clean, and give your pet moisturizing treatments so he doesn’t develop any painful cracks.

Prepare your dog’s paws for winter

To better prepare your pup for winter, follow these simple steps to ensure his comfort and a more enjoyable season:

1. Nail trimming

Grooming is important for your pet any time of the year, but during winter it needs special attention. Long nails touching the floor change the way your dog balances his weight. It reduces traction, makes it difficult to grip the ground, and forces the pooch to walk on the backs of his feet.

Regular nail trimmings will prevent the long nails from interfering with your puppy’s walk, protecting him from slipping on icy surfaces. Short claws are less likely to tear and injure your pet, despite making it easier to walk.

Use LuckyTail to grind your dog’s nails every two weeks. You’ll ensure your pup’s claws are always in their best size, providing comfort and confidence to walk. LuckyTail comes with a protective cover, two-speed options, and you can also add a hard or soft grinding head to ensure better results and protect your pooch from excessive cuts.

2. Paw moisturizing

During the winter a dog’s paw pad tends to dry out and crack, causing bleeding and discomfort to walk. Make sure to keep your pup’s feet moisturized with a paw balm. Choosing the right product also creates a barrier against chemicals, salt, ice, and snow, which is ideal for using on your furry friend before and after a walk.

Natural Dog Company Paw Soother - great helper during cold season

Use the Healing Paw Soother Balm to protect your dog’s skin from dryness, scars, and allergies. This healing balm also moisturizes and nourishes the feet and elbows, despite being ideal to protect your pooch against the harmful products left on the streets. The Paw Soother creates a protective barrier against any toxic elements.

3. Paw cleansing

After a walk outdoors, some debris, snow, salt, and de-icing products may have gotten stuck between the paw pads. If it’s uncomfortable for your pet, he’ll probably end up licking and ingesting toxins. To avoid any problem, wash your dog’s paws with a Paw Plunger as soon as you come back home.

storefront paw plunger
Paw Plunger

The soft silicone bristles of the Paw Plunger will remove all the filth, salt, and chemicals lodged in the paw pad. The result is clean paws ready to enter the house without any product or debris stuck in the paw pad.

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