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What to Look for in Calming Treats for Dogs?

Although dog and human supplements aren't regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you can still play pet detective and check that your pup only gets quality chews. Look for the active and inactive ingredients in calming treats for dogs to determine if they're suitable for your furry friend.

What Should You Look for in Calming Treats?

The best calming treats for dogs are often preservative-free and use all-natural ingredients. Check the supplement labels and opt for whole-food and natural ingredients like molasses or apple cider vinegar.

Pet experts also advise against CBD products — more research and studies on the long-term effects must be done. What studies have found so far is that CBD products interfere with dogs' liver enzymes.

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What Are the Best Calming Supplement Ingredients?

The best calming chews are made from natural ingredients that don't sedate your pup — just help them relax. A few of the top ingredients to look out for on the labels are:

  • Melatonin: This natural hormone is in your pup's body already. It's what their body produces when it's time to rest. A research study found that dogs that receive melatonin before surgery to stay calm throughout the procedure. Just remember, never give human melatonin supplements to dogs. Calming melatonin dog treats are designed to be the appropriate dose for your pooch.
  • L-theanine: Dogs can have l-theanine for its supportive effects. This amino acid extract from green tea leaves reduces dogs' cortisol or stress levels. It also helps storm-sensitive dogs recover and return to baseline faster and minimizes unwanted stress behavior.
  • Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamine, B1 is essential for healthy and happy pets. The supplement supports the central nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. Your dog's food should contain thiamine, but sometimes pups develop a deficiency, and a dog treat with vitamin B1 may be beneficial.
  • Herbal ingredients: Some pet owners and pet experts swear by homeopathic remedies — and fortunately, they are safe for dogs. So, check labels for herbal ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, ginger root and passion flower.

What Other Techniques Are Helpful for Calming Dogs?

To have your dog as yappy-go-lucky as possible:

  • Give them plenty of exercise: Exercise helps dogs calm down and behave better. The bonus is that it's good for you too. Have fun at the dog park, run in your neighborhood or go hiking on pet-friendly trails.
  • Use treats and chews for distraction: Chews and treat puzzles keep your dog focused on what's in front of them rather than their environment.
  • Make their lives easier: Use innovative, whisper-soft and ultralight-vibration nail grinders to keep your dog comfortable during grooming, especially if a trip to the vet or local groomers amps up their stress levels.

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