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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do The Grinders Work?

Yellow lab sitting on owners lap waiting to get nails clipped

1. Introduce LuckyTail to your Pet

Let your pet smell it and hear it to adapt to it. Give your pet snacks if needed.

A LuckyTail Nail Grinder being used to file a dog's nails

2. Grind and Polish

Grind that nail to the required length, and then finish off by rounding the edges and smoothing out rough parts.

Human hand petting top of Beagles head

3. Reward and Repeat

Reward your pet for their patience and create a natural routine for recurring nail care.

Other Questions

Here are some additional questions that our customers sometimes ask before making a final decision. It’s based on actual feedback from happy LuckyTail owners, technical product specifications, and thorough product testing:

General Questions

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