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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes: 8 Easy Solutions

roller with dog hair
Dogs’ fur coats are what make them look undeniably cute and cuddly. However, all dog owners know how annoying dog fur can be. The stuff seems to get everywhere! It feels as if you are constantly cleaning up after your pup, and owners with allergies also risk having an allergic reaction. Dog hair sticks to clothes as well, ruining your clean laundry and spoiling your style. No matter how much we love our dogs, no owner wants to be covered in dog hair. Thankfully, we are here to help ease your frustrations. Here we teach you how to get dog hair out of clothes with eight tried-and-tested methods you can use at home.

8 Tips to Get Rid of Dog Hair

1. Brush Your Dog

Want to know our top tip on how to get pet hair out of laundry? Brush your dog regularly! Regular dog brushing helps to capture and remove all excess hairs in your dog’s coat before they have the chance to shed. This reduces the amount of dog fur on your clothes and limits the dog hairs on your carpets and furniture. Therefore, this is a great tip for keeping your entire home fur-free. Besides, most dogs love being brushed by their owners. You get to spend quality time together and brushing acts as a great bonding experience. Brushing also carries several health benefits for your dog’s skin and fur. It reduces the formation of mats and tangles, helps distribute oil throughout the fur, and stimulates blood flow to the skin.  

2. Vacuum the Floor & Furniture

Fur doesn’t always get transferred directly from your dog to your clothes. More often than not, your dog leaves hair on your furniture or carpet that you later sit on. Frequent vacuuming helps to capture any shed hair that has stuck to carpets and furniture. In turn, this reduces the amount of hair that makes its way onto your clothes. Consider that you will need different nozzles and attachments for your vacuum so it can effectively pick up dog hairs from a range of different surfaces. Without them, you might not get optimal results and fur can still transfer to your clothes.

3. Use a Dog Hair Remover

After you have finished vacuuming furniture, use a dog hair remover. These are special handheld tools that are designed to pick up any remaining loose hair from surfaces around your home. Going over all your furniture with a dog hair remover could be time-consuming. However, it is worthwhile going over their favorite spots to nap as there is usually a lot of hair in these places.

4. Use Rubber or Latex Gloves

Rubber or latex gloves work well if you want to clean your clothes directly. Simply place the glove on your hand, dampen it slightly with water, and run your fingers through your hair-covered clothes. The friction between the glove and the fabric creates a static charge. This charge makes hairs stick to the glove and leaves your clothes hair-free.

5. Use a Kitchen Sponge

Everyone has a kitchen sponge in their home. Therefore, knowing how to get dog hair out of clothes using a kitchen sponge is a must-know hack for all dog owners. With the rough side of the sponge, gently rub the hair-covered fabric in circular motions. The hairs will eventually all clump together for you to pick off and discard with ease. You can also use this hack to remove any remaining loose hair from furniture after you have finished vacuuming. However, be cautious if you are cleaning hair from delicate clothing and materials. The rough sponge could damage the material if you apply too much pressure.

6. Hair Removing Laundry Balls

A pet hair dryer ball is another effective way to remove dog hair from clothes. They’re also extremely easy to use – simply throw a ball into the dryer with your clean laundry and they will collect the hairs from your clothes. When the cycle is done, your freshly washed clothes won’t have a single hair in sight! You can also reuse pet hair dryer balls, just rinse them clean before each use.

7. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is another great option if you want to know how to get pet hair out of laundry. Simply add half a cup of vinegar to your usual wash cycle and your clothes will come out hair-free. Vinegar is also a natural fabric softener, so will leave the material soft and comfortable. If using this method, make sure you only use white vinegar as this won’t stain any of your clothes. Additionally, unlike the other methods on this list, vinegar doesn’t capture hair in clumps or act as a surface for the fur to stick to. Therefore, you will need to clean your washing machine after using this hack. Fortunately, how to get dog hair out of a washing machine is an easy task – just wipe the drum with a damp cloth once the cycle has ended to remove all fur.

8. Use a Lint Roller

The most well-known method for removing dog hairs from clothes is to use a lint roller. This is a handheld tool covered in sticky paper that you can roll up and down the material. The loose hairs stick to the paper and are removed from the fabric. This is great as it means all hairs are securely kept in one place so you don’t need to worry about them falling onto your carpet. If using a lint roller, make sure you purchase one with the right amount of stickiness for the job. If the roller is not sticky enough, it won’t effectively capture all the dog hairs. But if it is too sticky, the material might roll with it.

Final Thoughts

As frustrating as it is, dog shedding is normal and a sign of a healthy coat cycle. Therefore, there is no way to stop dogs from shedding some fur around our homes. Instead, we have to find methods to deal with the mess it makes, minimize allergies, and keep our clothes clean. You can target your dog, your furniture, and your clothes directly to stop fur from clinging to the places it shouldn’t. Try these tips and you’ll be able to wear your clothes without looking half dog!
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