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Teacup Maltipoo: Ultimate Designer Breed Guide

Teacup Maltipoo dog outside

Teacup Maltipoo Origin

The Maltipoo is a miniature mix of a Maltese and a Poodle, and a Teacup Maltipoo is just a smaller version of this dog. This designer breed first originated in the 1990’s, in the United States. Breeders were on a quest to find a small companion dog they could take everywhere with them like the Maltese, combined with the low shedding fur of the Poodle. There are several different ways to make a mini-sized version of this lovable crossbreed. One way is to breed a Teacup Maltese with a Maltipoo. Alternatively, you can mix a Maltipoo with a Teacup Poodle. Some breeds even mix a Maltipoo with the Chihuahua, the smallest recognized dog breed. The small genes from one parent produce the Teacup Maltipoo we know and love today. All three of these combinations will result in smaller versions of the regular Maltipoo breed. However, the dog you choose to breed a Maltipoo with, will cause changes to the appearance and temperament of the puppy. Maltipoo Toy puppies made by breeding a Maltipoo with a Teacup Maltese will more closely resemble the Maltese, whereas the puppies coming from the Maltipoo x Toy Poodle mix will be more alike to their Poodle ancestors. The cost for a Teacup Maltipoo puppy can range from $2000 to $4000.

What Does A Teacup Maltipoo Look Like?

As a mixed breed, there is some variation in the appearance of the Teacup Maltipoo. Those that are bred ¾ Maltese will generally have more features of this breed, whereas those that are ¾ Poodle look more like Poodles. However, Maltipoo Toy puppies could look like either parent; there is no way of knowing which genes they will take from either one! Regardless of the mix used, the coat color is always solid. It could take on the white coloration characteristic of the Maltese breed, or any solid color of the Poodle parent. Both parent breeds are known for having beautiful fur though, so you can be sure your Teacup Maltipoo is going to have a gorgeous fluffy coat. You’re also nearly always guaranteed big brown eyes (though occasionally, blue eyes are observed) and adorable floppy ears!  Another question we are always asked is “How big do Teacup Maltipoos get?”. This again boils down to genetics and depends on the size of the parents used. On average, Teacup Maltipoo adults stand at around 10 inches tall and can weigh anything from 4 to 10lbs. But how big your full-grown Teacup Maltipoo will get depends on which genes have been passed down.

Personality and Behavior of Teacup Maltipoo's

Like the appearance of the Teacup Maltipoo, personality also depends on which parents have been used to create the mix. The puppies will inherit some aspects of both parents’ temperaments, so let’s look at what we can expect a standard Maltese and Poodle to behave like. Maltese dogs have one of the most loving temperaments of all domestic dogs. They’re also high-energy and love getting involved in the fun, making them perfect in almost any home. They’re happy cuddling with their owners or running around with kids! On the other hand, Poodles are more intelligent, easily trainable, and extremely sociable dogs. The personality of a Mini Maltipoo takes on some of all of these traits, so they’re generally loving, playful, intelligent, and sociable. This makes them great companion pets, ideal for owners seeking a new best friend. Yet the strength of each of these traits is less predictable. Maltipoos bred with Toy Poodles will have more Poodle-like behaviors, and Maltipoos bred with Teacup Maltese dogs will be more alike to the Maltese. Keep in mind that these dogs are notorious barkers and will require specific training to overcome this habit.

How to Train Teacup Maltipoo's

The Teacup Maltipoo may have an adorable teddy bear-like appearance, but this breed is far more intelligent than it looks! This is primarily down to the Poodle genes they’ve inherited. Poodles are known for being highly trainable and love learning new skills, tricks, games, and commands. Maltese dogs also enjoy mentally stimulating tasks and will do anything for a bit of praise from their owner. You can train your miniature Maltipoo to walk on a lead and come back when called with some positive reinforcement. It can also master basic commands such as sit and stay from as young as eight weeks old. However, their small size makes some of the more physically demanding training difficult impossible as they don’t need as much exercise as larger dogs and tire out easily. Their tiny stature also means these dogs easily feel vulnerable. They must be socialized properly from a young age to prevent unwanted behaviors when meeting new people and animals. Even tiny dogs with loving temperaments can have a fierce bite if they feel threatened! Good training as a puppy ensures this isn’t an issue for Teacup Maltipoo adults.

Grooming and Maintaining a Teacup Maltipoo's Coat

As the appearance of the Teacup Maltipoo varies, so do its grooming needs. Their coats can range from tight curls to long, silky fur! In all cases, the Poodle genetics means these pups won’t shed much. However, you will still need to regularly brush and bathe your tiny Maltipoo to keep it looking its best and prevent matting. Speak to a local groomer that can advise you on the best ways you care for your dog’s unique coat. Nail trimming is another essential part of caring for your Teacup Maltipoo. As less physically active dogs, their nails wear down less naturally and need trimming often. Like everything else, the nails of these dogs are tiny! We recommend using a dog nail grinder instead of clippers for more stable and controlled trim. Dog ear care is also essential for the tiny Maltipoo breed. Poodles are prone to developing ear problems such as infections and sores. This is down to the excessive amount of hair inside the ears that irritates the skin. Mini Maltipoos can deal with similar issues, and good ear care ensures you catch any problems early on.

Common Health Issues

Many crossbreeds aim to eliminate or reduce the risk of certain hereditary conditions of either parent. Thankfully, this is the case with the Teacup Maltipoo – they’re relatively healthy compared to other breeds and have no major health concerns. However, Poodles often have eye issues and small breeds can be prone to luxating patella, so eye tests are recommended. Fragility is another issue for the Toy Maltipoo. As one of the smallest breeds, they have more fragile bones and bodies that are prone to breakages. It’s also easy for these dogs to become overweight or obese as their healthy weight range is quite small. This can put additional strain on their weaker bones and joints, alongside acting as a risk factor for diabetes and other heart conditions. But assuming your Teacup Maltipoo is happy and healthy, you can enjoy around 15 years together! This is a longer lifespan than many other dog breeds; the smaller the dog, the longer the life expectancy. As Toy Maltipoos are one of the smallest breeds around, they’re with you for the long haul!

Final Thoughts

The Teacup Maltipoo is an adorable dog with characteristics from the Poodle and Maltese breeds. Personalities and appearances do vary, but they’re generally a great choice for families or anyone looking for a low-exercise companion dog. The mini Maltipoo doesn’t like being left alone though, so be prepared to take your travel-sized companion with you wherever you go!

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