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Why Do Dogs Like to be Pet? Ultimate Guide to Dog Petting

happy husky dog being pet

Every dog owner loves petting their adorable pooch. It gives us enjoyment in our lives, and our dogs are always there whenever we need a pick-me-up. In fact, there is nothing better than lying next to your dog and rubbing their bellies. It fills us with gratitude, and it’s a great way to show our dogs that we love them. But do you ever ask yourself "why do dogs like to be pet?"  And do dogs like being pet as much as we think? Here we look at the reasons dogs love a stroke from their humans and the best places to pet your dog for ultimate tail waggin' happiness.

Why Do Dogs Like to be Pet?

Ask any dog owner, and they’ll tell you just how much their dog loves to be pet. And generally speaking, these owners are right. Most dogs love physical contact with humans, though some might have a preference for scratches over rubs and vice versa. As it turns out, there are two main reasons why dogs are so fond of this type of interaction with their humans. First, dog petting is a fantastic way to build a bond between people and pooches. Dogs are social creatures and need interaction to feel happy and fulfilled. Petting a dog provides this essential interaction – when you are petting your dog, all your attention is focused on them. Moreover, dogs know they’re receiving positive attention. This behavior has been associated with praise and affection since puppyhood, and dogs simply can’t get enough of it! Second, petting your dog is comparable to a massage for humans. These scratches and rubs stimulate muscles and help to reduce stress and tension. In turn, this reduces blood pressure and causes even further relaxation. Petting is also known to increase the release of a “happy hormone” in the brain called serotonin, which is exactly why people find massages so pleasurable. So, when petting a dog, you’re providing physical and emotional benefits.

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Where Do Dogs Like to be Pet?

I think we can all agree that dogs like to be pet. But where do dogs like to be scratched? Is there one place that feels better than another? How can you give your dog the greatest amount of pleasure and enjoyment from this valuable bonding activity? Fortunately, dogs aren’t fussy about where they are pet. Most are okay with being scratched and rubbed all over their bodies, so there is no single best spot to pet a dog. However, the muzzle and paws should be avoided as these are extremely sensitive areas that can create a bad petting experience for your friend. Other than that, just judge your dog’s reaction and see where it likes being pet the most! One of the favorite places is around the face, such as behind the ears. There are a lot of nerves surrounding dogs’ ears which can cause intense feelings of pleasure. You might even see your dog squinting its eyes in enjoyment. The top of the head or under the chin also feels good, while the chest, shoulder, belly, lower back, and thighs are other great options. With that said, some places are more sensitive than others, so you need to ensure you’re using the right technique when petting a dog. For example, the face of a dog is more sensitive than its back. Therefore, always use gentle and precise strokes when petting here. Conversely, you can apply more pressure and be a little rougher when you pet the back and belly. You might also be wondering why dogs like to be pet and sometimes shake their legs when doing so. Are they enjoying being pet in this spot? Or should you stop right away? Well, leg kicking is an involuntary reaction that happens when you hit a nerve. This nerve sends a signal to the dog’s brain which tells it to kick its leg. This can be funny to watch and totally harmless, but it might startle your dog. If they don’t seem startled, keep on scratching and watch your pooch in enjoyment.

When Can You Pet a Dog?

If you have a dog of your own, you likely know it well enough to know whether or not it is in the mood to be pet. However, petting a dog you don’t know needs to be done with caution as there are some rules you need to be aware of. Scratching and stroking at the wrong time can be unpleasant for the dog, and if you pet a dog you don’t know it could spark aggressive behavior. Before petting any dog, make sure you ask its owner whether it’s okay or not. Some dogs don’t like strangers, or perhaps the dog has an illness or injury that means petting will cause them pain. Therefore, getting the green light from the owner is a must. Once they have given you the go-ahead, proceed slowly. Start by holding your hand out in front of the dog and let them sniff your hand to signal that you mean no harm. If they respond well, you can then gently start petting them. There are a couple of other rules to also be aware of: 

  • Never pet a dog while it is eating as it might see you as a threat that is trying to steal its food. This could result in uncharacteristic aggressive behavior.
  • Never pet a dog while it’s sleeping. Just like you don’t want to be woken up midway through a nap, neither do dogs.
  • Don’t approach a dog that is showing any signs of aggression, including growling, snarling, and showing the teeth. 

Final Thoughts

So, why do dogs like to be pet? As you’ve just learned, the answer is pretty simple – they love both the social aspect of this interaction and the physical sensations it has on the body. How do dogs like to be pet also has a straightforward answer. You can pet a dog anywhere and everywhere except for the muzzle and paws, as long as you pet them in the right way. It is important to realize that all dogs are different though. Some like dog petting more than others, while some hate being scratched in spots that other dogs love. Learn to know exactly what your dog likes. When petting a dog you don’t know always take things slowly. This can keep petting fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog!

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