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LuckyTail Corporate Responsibility

As a company responsible for improving animal wellbeing, we are also committed to building a sustainable and inclusive future. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to take part in four key areas that are beneficial to our planet and society.


Promote inclusive opportunities

LuckyTail values diversity and promotes equal opportunities. We encourage and welcome all people who love animals to apply for a position on our team. We provide an ethical, inclusive and quality work environment, also offering a dynamic professional path for our employees.

Protect fundamental rights

We offer our customers and employees a safe place to speak and express themselves. We stand for their fundamental rights and condemn racial injustice and inequity. LuckyTail strives to offer the best experience for our team and customers. Moreover, we wholeheartedly defend democracy within the company, ensuring the same rights and duties to all our employees.

Environmental responsibility

Our goal is to create an environmentally friendly product and have a positive impact on our markets. LuckyTail’s goods are durable, respectful and made of degradable material. We use pet-friendly ABS Plastic in our grinders and tools, which is 100% recyclable, more resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. Our purpose is to reduce waste across all the work we do.

Earn trust

Every day, we work hard to earn trust of our customers, employees and even the animals for which our products are made. We have adopted a transparency policy in order to inform our community about our actions and decisions, always providing detailed information on the way we conduct our business. We also have a strong privacy policy that respects and gives our customers full control over their personal data.


Finally, all our actions are backed by government laws and we are always willing to cooperate with our local authorities.

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