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Let your pet smell it and hear it to adapt to it. Give your pet snacks if needed.

Grind that nail to the requied length, and then finish off by rounding the edges smoothing out rough parts.

Reward the pet for the patience nad create a natural routine for recuring nail care.


First of all, overgrown nails cause increased force onto the dog’s nail bed. As a result of that, the dog feels pain and pressure on the toe joint. It feels the same as wearing too-tight shoes.

If your dog’s nails are clickety-clacking on your wooden floors, it’s the first sign that they could be too long. It might take months of trimming once a week to allow the nail to healthily regress into the quick. After the nails regress, trimming them once or twice a month is a recommended frequency to maintain nails at a healthy length.

If a dog’s claws are too long, walking or running could become difficult and painful. Additionally, when the nails aren’t taken care of, they can get torn or split, which is very painful for the pet, and in some cases may need to be treated by the VET.

In the long term, claws may realign the joints of the foreleg, and the foot may look flattened and impaired. The nails can even curve and grow into the pad of the foot, which causes unpleasant nail-cutting and treatment sessions for dogs and their owners.


Here are some additional questions that our customers sometimes ask before making a final decision. It’s based on actual feedback from happy LuckyTail owners also technical product specifications, and thorough product testing:

Is LuckyTail safe for my dog?

Your dog needs to have his nails shorten frequently to avoid injuring himself from overgrown nails. But the process may not be that simple, especially in scared dogs. To ensure a positive experience for your pooch, you should use the LuckyTail nail grinder. It's a safe device for your puppy. It allows you to grind in short bursts, so you can have full control of the trimming process and see where you’re grinding. LuckyTail comes with a safety cap that protects your dog’s paws from overcutting and has two speeds that are adjustable according to the thickness of the nails.

Is LuckyTail really very silent and micro-vibrating?

You should consider a few features when buying a nail grinder: silence and low vibrations, as dogs have sensitive ears and usually don’t like to feel something vibrating against their skin. LuckyTail nail grinder is great for your dog since it doesn't have a significant level of buzz and vibration, ensuring a comfortable and pet-friendly experience for your pooch.

Does LuckyTail really work well on big dog nails?

Large dogs need to trim their nails regularly for more comfort when walking. As they have thicker nails, it’s recommended to use a nail grinder with interchangeable heads, so that you can use a hard grinding bit on your big dog’s nails. LuckyTail nail grinder is ideal for large dogs as it supports different grinding heads, and also offers hard grinding heads that are ideal for big-sized pets.

Is LuckyTail suitable for small dogs/puppies?

Small dogs have delicate nails that can easily bruise if not trimmed regularly. As they have thinner nails, it’s recommended to use a nail grinder with a soft grinding head included for a smooth trim. You can use LuckyTail on your small pooch once it’s possible to exchange the grinding bit for a soft head, which ensures an easy and pet-friendly trimming for your puppy.

Is LuckyTail better than Dremel?

There are a few characteristics you should look for in a nail grinder: it has to be silent, with low vibrations, different speed options, and a safety cap included. It’s also important to look for USB rechargeable grinders that are comfortable for you to hold. The best one available on the market is LuckyTail. This nail grinder has all the best features you should be looking for. LuckyTail stands out from other brands, like Dremel, for being whisper-sound, having ultralight vibrations, and a protective cap. If you have a sensitive dog, LuckyTail is the best choice, being considered the quietest nail grinder.

Is LuckyTail worth the price?

The price of a nail grinder varies according to its features. You should look for one that is reasonably priced and includes low noise and vibration, different speeds, and a safety cap. LuckyTail is the most powerful and cost-effective nail grinder available on the market. It’s whisper-quiet, has ultralight vibration, two speeds, a safety cap, is USB rechargeable and it has the same price as other nail grinders with less features.

How fast does LuckyTail charge?

Dog nail grinders can work with a power outlet, AA batteries, or USB rechargeable batteries. The most flexible ones are the USB rechargeable, as they’re flexible to use anywhere with full power. Lucky Tail is one of the most time-effective nail grinders. After a quick 1-hour charge with a wire, it operates uninterruptedly for 4 hour. You can use it for weeks, during several quick grinding sessions with your pet.


All orders are shipped from our warehouse, which is in Salt Lake City, USA. Delivery time depends on your location (State/Country). You can check the average delivery time in the table below.

shipping details

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, please be aware that delivery time might be longer than expected. We do understand your concern and we appreciate your patience - we are doing all we can to ensure safe and reliable shipments to our customer

LuckyTail's unique design and the whisper-quiet technology were created in California, USA. The product itself and the top quality grinding heads are manufactured in Asia. We assure that only the best quality LuckyTail devices and grinding heads reach our customers, as our quality control department inspects each and every one product manufactured.

Grinder heads are designed to last at least a few months, however it depends on how often you will be using the device. We suggest purchasing additional grinding heads with your LuckyTail dog nail grinder which you can use to replace your old, worn out one. If you already own a LuckyTail, you can buy additional grinding heads here.

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