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Save Money While Improving Your Dog's Health

Enjoy long-term savings by easily maintaining your pet's nails at home. It's the perfect solution for anxious dogs since it comes with our all-natural calming chews and two additional chews for a healthy, positive reinforcement treat.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket:

Spend only $40 once on a LuckyTail Grinder and save up to $200 each year on taking them to the groomers.

Double the Chews, Double the Love in Every Jar:

Our chews have twice as many as many popular competitors. When you choose LuckyTail, you're not just investing in high-quality pet supplements; you're getting double the value for your furry friend.

Patented and Designed in the USA

Harnessing the power of modern science and technology, our team came up with the the quietest, most convenient, and easiest to handle pet nail grinder on the market.

Two LED Lights

Two Speeds

Quiet as a Whisper

Ultra Low Vibration

USB Charger

Portable and Ergonomic

Innovative pet nail grinder that even pups approve of:

This electric dog nail trimmer is loved by professional groomers and pet owners alike, providing an easy, pain-free way to keep pups' nails comfortably short and well-kept.

Safe design for easy trimming:

The innovative diamond-head design uses two LED lights to easily spot the quick, preventing overgrinding and potentially painful knicks. The grinder fits comfortably and securely in your hand, reducing hand fatigue and making trimming a cinch.

Quiet operation and Low Vibration:

The quiet dog nail grinder runs lower than 40 decibels — half as loud as other leading brands.

Made With Care and Quality

Developed in Miami, FL with a vet formulator and a group of devoted pet lovers, each chew is a result of thorough research, quality testing, and a genuine passion for pets.
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