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✔ 1 PREMIUM LuckyTail™ Pet Nail Grinder
✔ 2 EXTRA Grinding Heads For Careless Grinding Procedures
✔ FREE Worldwide Shipping
✔ FREE Extended 1 Year Warranty

Enjoy the hustle-free process with easy to use and innovative LuckyTail grinder:
✔ Built to protect the nerves in your pet’s nails from injury
✔ Super friendly for your pet – quiet as a whisper and ultralight vibration
✔ Unique and ergonomic design
✔ Wireless and can be charged with a USB cable for your convenience

Grind your pet’s nails with LuckyTail’s uniquely designed claw grinder safely and painlessly.


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The Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder


Built to protect the nerves in your dog’s nails from injury


Super friendly for your dog – quiet as a whisper and ultralight vibration


Unique and ergonomic design


Wireless and can be charged with a USB cable for your convenience

Industry Leading Technologies

We take that extra step in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing our products to meet the highest expectations for quality, ergonomics, and functionality.

Key features that you will be delighted with:


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Please look at the feature comparison table. It illustrates the key differences and benefits of LuckyTail compared to the average market grinder.

Quality Matters to Us!

LuckyTail’s unique design and quiet as a whisper technology were created in California, USA. The product itself and the top quality grinding heads are manufactured in Asia. We assure you that only the best quality LuckyTail devices and grinding heads reach our customers, after our quality control department has inspected each and every product.

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Premium Quality Extra Luckytail Grinding Head

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We recommend to grab a few additional heads in advance to ensure the maximum grinding quality. Replaceable heads are made from high-quality material and specifically designed for LuckyTail device.

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Extra Hard Grinding Head + FREE Super Soft

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Quickly polish your pet’s nails with a coarse grinding head. It’s ideal for large dogs with thick nails.




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