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Pros and Cons of Calming Chews for Separation Anxiety

Like people, pets can develop anxiety, agitation and fear. As a pet owner, you may know how difficult it is if your dog is anxious. you'll try anything to help restore their confidence and have your yappy-go-lucky furry friend return to baseline. You may be looking for a solution like calming chews for separation anxiety and want to know the pros and cons before deciding. We'll help you make your choice by providing some helpful information.

Pros of Calming Supplements for Dogs

Calming treats for dogs with separation anxiety help your dog out of the flight, freeze and fear response and soothe them. The benefits of using calming chews are that they:

  • Assist in managing your dog's anxiety: A quality calming supplement can help regulate your pup’s anxiety. Chews with L-theanine, thiamine (Vitamin B1), melatonin, magnesium and hemp oil are effective ways to support your dog, along with other tools and techniques.
  • Help during predictable triggers: Calming treats are effective when anxiety triggers are specific and predictable, like in the case of storms, fireworks, regular departures from your home or loud get-togethers.
  • Work well with other training methods: Calming supplements support other calming methods. When you combine them with behavioral training sessions and solutions like puzzle toys and ThunderShirts, you can give your dog every chance to remain calm during stressful situations.
  • Help many pet owners: Many pet owners swear by all-natural calming supplements to help their dogs live healthier, happier and more stable lives. If you check the label and ensure the active and inactive ingredients are safe, there’s no harm in giving these treats to your pup to support them. 
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Cons of Calming Supplements for Dogs

Calming supplements can support your dog's anxiety, but they aren't always the best fit or the only way to help. Calming chews are:

  • Not suitable for all dogs: Calming supplements may work for many pets, but they aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. You may have to experiment with which types of calming chews and techniques work best for your pooch. Your dog may need combinations of chews, and sometimes the trial phase can be difficult.
  • Not effective with picky eaters: If your pup is a selective eater, you may struggle to get them to eat calming treats. Trying to force your dog to eat supplements will elevate your and your pup’s anxiety levels.
  • Not consistently effective in unpredictable situations: If the cause or trigger of the anxiety happens suddenly, the calming supplement may be ineffectual. The relaxing chews can take up to an hour to work, and if the stressor is sudden, your pup may not want to take the treat, or it may take too long for your pooch to calm down.

Purchase Anti-Anxiety Dog Treats From LuckyTail

Plenty of anecdotal evidence supports the positive impact of quality anti-anxiety supplements. Not all calming chews are equally effective or suitable for your dog, which is why it's essential to buy dependable calming treats from reputable brands like LuckyTail. Remember to loop in your trusted veterinarian to ensure you treat your pup's anxiety from a multi-pronged approach.

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