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Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies? Symptoms & Treatment

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Your pets can suffer from allergies just like you. Seasonal changes and food sensitivities can impact your pup's health and cause various uncomfortable symptoms. If you're noticing some abnormal behavior from your pet, you should evaluate their symptoms and quickly find ways to provide relief. 

How to Tell If Your Dog Has Allergies

Dogs can experience allergies due to environmental factors or dietary sensitivities. The symptoms your pup faces can vary depending on their unique sensitivities. 

Skin allergies are common for dogs. Fleas, environmental elements and food allergies can cause your dog's skin to become red, scabbed and extremely itchy. Look for fleas or small red bites on your dog to determine if a pest is causing their skin irritation. 

Environmental factors like fungus, mold and pollen can also cause allergy symptoms for your pup. These allergies are often seasonal, so you can detect the problem by monitoring your pet throughout the year and looking at commonly affected areas like their ears, paws, around their eyes and between their toes. 

You can often detect food sensitivity by sudden changes in your pup. If they're allergic to an ingredient or certain foods, they may experience face swelling, hives, diarrhea or vomiting. 

Common dog allergy reactions include:

  • Constant licking
  • Hives
  • Sneezing
  • Ear infections
  • Runny, itchy eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Inflamed skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Swelling in the eyelids, ears, lips, earflaps or face

How to Treat Dog Allergies

If your pup is experiencing allergy symptoms, soothing them quickly is important. You can treat dog allergy symptoms by avoiding the allergen through diet or lifestyle changes and providing supplements, shampoos and other aids to control some symptoms. For example, you can address flea issues by giving your pet flea and tick chews to defend against pests. If you're struggling to detect what's causing the allergy, you may need to take your pup to the vet to determine the best course of action. 

5 Natural Supplements for Dog Allergies

Allergies can show in animals through rashes, itchy skin, digestive issues and redness. Dogs, in particular, can experience two types of allergies: dietary and environmental. Whether your pup has a food sensitivity or faces irritation from pollen, dust mites or mold, it's essential to address the problem quickly. 

It can take time to detect what causes the allergies and what alleviates the symptoms. Below, these natural supplements for dog allergies can provide a range of benefits for your pup and relieve symptoms that impact their fur, skin and bodies. Along with soothing symptoms, these supplements are a great way to ensure your dog gets extra support from essential vitamins and minerals through tasty chews or simple dinner dish additions. 

1. AllerImmune

AllerImmune Chews provide relief from allergy symptoms, body balance and immune system support. LuckyTail's allergy bites contain all-natural ingredients, like salmon oil, turmeric and fennel seed meal. These supplements for itchy dogs help pups with redness, skin irritation, sneezing and paw-licking symptoms. Along with easing side effects, these bites promote a healthy immune system so your pup can feel energetic and comfortable. 

how to treat dog allergies

2. CBD

Dog allergy supplements with CBD can provide relief from irritants and stressors. You can find chews with CBD hemp oil as an ingredient and choose ointments or creams that you can apply to your dog's paws or other affected areas. CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties and provides calming relief, preventing allergy symptoms from keeping your pup awake or uncomfortable at night. 

3. Fish Oil

You can use fish oil to treat dogs, cats and horses. This supplement offers many benefits to pets, including promoting healthy skin, building heart protection and lubricating joints for dogs with arthritis. Fish oil can reduce overall scratching and itching by decreasing your pup's production of inflammation stimulators

4. Quercetin

This supplement maintains normal histamine levels, supports healthy inflammatory responses and boosts normal detoxification processes in your pup. Quercetin is a plant-based compound that comes in capsules and pills you can feed to your furry friend. 

5. Mushrooms

If you're looking for natural supplements for skin allergies that you can add to your pet's food dish, mushrooms are a great option. You can try several mushroom types depending on your pup's needs. Turkey tail mushrooms can support their immune system and bodily response to allergies, while Cordyceps can boost anti-inflammatory responses. Additionally, you can use the reishi mushroom to bring their immune system to homeostasis so it isn't over- or under-reacting.

Boost Your Dog's Immune System With LuckyTail Chews

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At LuckyTail, we understand that pets are family and you want to deliver the best care to them. We put pets first, which is why we partner with leading professionals to develop products to support happy, healthy pets everywhere. When you need dog allergy supplements, trust our AllerImmune Chews to provide relief and boost your pup's immune system. 

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