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6 Ways to Help Your Pet Live a Longer and Healthier Life

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Our furry friends are beloved family members. Like all your other loved ones, you want to provide the best care to your dog so you can enjoy their company for as long as possible. Get the most from those joyful years and discover how to help dogs live longer with these helpful tips.

1. Learn What to Feed Dogs to Make Them Live Longer

A balanced diet gives your pup the essential vitamins and nutrients for a long, healthy life. Follow portion recommendations for your dog's breed and size, and watch for food sensitivities.

You can also find supplements with essential ingredients to ensure your dog gets every necessary nutrient. For example, LuckyTail's Skin + Coat Chews have all-natural ingredients and essential vitamins to boost your pet's health while creating a shiny, healthy coat.

2. Provide High-Quality Dental Care

The teeth and gums are pathways for disease and bacteria to enter. Your pet can develop broken teeth, a broken jaw, infected teeth, mouth cysts or tumors, teeth misalignment or periodontal disease. These conditions can be painful for your dog and significantly impact their overall health without the necessary care.

3. Get Active Without Overdoing It

Similar to people, animals need exercise. Good muscle tone ensures your pet's mobility because their joints will stay limber. However, it's also important to avoid too much exercise. Be aware of your pet's limits, and don't push them to continue doing activities if they're tired or expressing discomfort. 

4. Visit the Vet Often and Follow Recommendations

Older dogs may need more frequent visits than young pups, so increase your visits as they age. Going every six months can help you detect any minor issues before they become significant problems. Follow your vet's recommendations for food, activity, rest, medication and other wellness aspects.

5. Make the Most of Bonding Opportunities

Quality time with your pet is fun for you both. Like you, your pup needs a supportive, comfortable and welcoming environment to thrive. Social connections with you and other dogs can positively impact their health.

6. Provide Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

Keeping your pet's mind active is as important as physical activity. Cognitive decline happens for people and pets, but keeping your pet's mind sharp can be key to improving your dog's life span. Practice daily training sessions and find toys or treat bowls that encourage your pup to think outside the box. Also, ensure you reduce stressors and bring emotional balance to your pet

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LuckyTail helps pet owners support their furry friends so they can live the longest and happiest lives possible. Learning how to keep your dog healthy can be simple. Keeping active, bonding with your pet and administering essential nutrients and vitamins are vital for their health. Browse our products to help improve your dog's life and ensure you get the most possible time with them. 

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